Anyone who wants to change the world,
must share in it
and take a share!

Our mission is: Raise the bar!

Rosalia AG invests in companies that have what it takes to stay competitive, even in the rough waters of dynamic markets. We focus on medium-sized companies in the fields of logistics, beverages and services as well as office and commercial real estate. Whenever we can, we strive for a majority shareholding. We attach importance to making useful acquisitions to benefit from synergies within the Rosalia Group and to enhance opportunities for growth.

Even when every investment – formally speaking – is only a transaction, to us it is still a partnership. Trust, integrity, loyalty and continuity are the core of this partnership.

Our know-how:
Extensive experience.
Thinking outside the box.

Since Rosalia AG was founded in 2001, our company has been constantly evolving. And we will not stop refining our business, tackling challenges and seizing opportunities that present themselves, because we have a clear understanding of what we can do, where we want to go and how best to achieve our goals.

Combined with thinking outside the box, it’s our extensive experience that allows us to help others implement their business model in a future-proof way. We get the market - that’s how we can equip companies with the tools to become more efficient and profitable. Every company is given enough leeway for its own development because every company in which we invest has its own character.

with Rosalia
for success.